Based on our sector-specific knowledge Boer & Croon Corporate Finance advises and accompanies you when it comes to mergers & acquisitions (M&A), valuations, financing or other aspects of corporate finance. In a continuing dialogue with our clients, external specialists and each other, we share new insights and continuously improve our expertise. Ultimately this leads to successful results for our clients.

We specialise in the sectors below.


Boer & Croon Corporate Finance’s Healthcare sector team is the largest corporate finance player in this industry. We are the specialist with unparalleled sector knowledge. As undisputed market leader, we possess valuable experience and have realized the highest number of transactions. In combination with our closely-knit network, this leads to our unique ability to support our clients in realizing their ambitions in the healthcare sector. We are completely independent, allowing us to select the best options for our clients based on integrity and an open mind. This is how we achieve optimal results. Boer & Croon Corporate Finance covers the entire health care industry, including health care providers and suppliers of goods and services, as well as regulatory bodies.

Business Services

In the field of Business Services, digitalisation and outsourcing remain the two main drivers of change. Businesses must demonstrate that they can add value as an intermediary and can contribute to make-or-buy decisions, increased flexibility and e-commerce. In this environment proprietorship is not self-evident, Everything-as-a-Service is the standard and blockchain technology offers new opportunities for growth. Boer & Croon Corporate Finance recognises these dynamics like no other. Based on our in-depth knowledge of the Business Services sector we always realise the best possible deal for our clients.

Technology Media & Telecom

The most prominent example of a traditional industry completely transformed by digitalization is Technology, Media & Telecom. A sector characterized by an incredible number of start-ups, some of which prove that with their scalable technological innovations they can grow fast at the expense of the more traditional market players. This is certainly a sector watched closely by investors and with high M&A activity.
The Technology Media and Telecom specialists at Boer & Croon Corporate Finance understand the sector dynamics and have a clear view on opportunities and threats.


As the demand for transparency increases, the government is often faced with questions regarding the necessity of state-owned businesses. Part of the answer to this question always involves judging whether ownership is a public responsibility and to what extent it serves the public interest. Furthermore, the government is constantly busy with implementing financial regulation and supervising private parties.
The sector specialists of Boer & Croon Corporate Finance benefit from a local approach and extensive experience in supporting government entities at all levels, be it local or national. We connect public and private parties and advise both sides on public ownership and the financial consequences of regulation.


The Dutch manufacturing industry today is, despite strong international competition, still a front runner in many sectors. For example, Dutch companies are in the international top tier in sectors such as offshore, (mechanical) engineering, electronics and chemicals. Innovation power and automation are driving forces behind this success.
The Boer & Croon Corporate Finance manufacturing sector specialists mainly focus on mid-market enterprises while keeping a close eye on international markets and developments. We connect our in-depth expertise with the opportunities that arise on a regular basis.

Consumer & Retail

The Consumer & Retail sector is constantly in flux, causing market demands to change rapidly for businesses active in this sector. The modern consumer is very sensitive to trends and sets high standards. Responding to the consumer in a quick and creative way has become a necessity. Traditional retail businesses are often under pressure, while online retail operations continue to grow. As sector specialists at Boer & Croon Corporate Finance, we focus on strategic propositions for e-commerce and traditional retail businesses, or a combination of both. We believe that there is still ample opportunity for successful transaction in traditional retail activities.

Energy & Infrastructure

The Energy and Infrastructure sector specialists at Boer & Croon Corporate Finance provide all services with respect to (project) finance, M&A and valuations. Specifically, we are well equipped in structuring and obtaining financing as well as transaction advisory in both PPP’s and (renewable) energy (on/off shore wind, solar, heat, energy effiency). We combine our knowledge with an independent and entrepeneurial mindset. We know the market and its players, both on the equity and debt side. Being part of Clairfield International allows us to reach globally.


The Dutch food and agri sector has traditionally had a leading international position and should be able to maintain this position in the future. However, the sector faces big challenges. For example, how does one combine authenticenty, tradition, tracebility, health and animal well being with competitive prices? How can food producers cope with consumers that are increasingly sensitive to trends, that are developing a more and more international palette, and are acting increasingly impulsive. It indicates that all parties need to compete fiercely.
Boer & Croon Corporate Finance is as a food specialist, well connected in the food and beverage sector, both in the Netherlands and internationally.